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"Citycoco" brakes


I have a damaged brake cable on my 60v "scrooser/citycoco" style scooter, but I am not sure which kind of cable to fix the damage with. The cable split and brake fluid escaped, so I am guessing that I must replace the cable and not try to patch it or to replace the whole brake assembly. Do I need to find a cable with the exact bolts at the ends?

Thanks for any info!

Hydraulic brake line that is compatible with the same attachment bolts will be needed. We can special order front or rear hydraulic brake lines for the Citycoco scooter. The current price is $17.95 for the front and $19.95 for the rear. If you would like to place an order then please let us know if you need the front or rear line and we will post a link to the page that it can be ordered from.


Thanks for the response. I need a rear one.

Thank you for your reply. 

Here is the page that the 60 Volt Citycoco electric scooter rear brake line item # BRK-102110 can be ordered from:

And just in case anyone needs a 60 Volt Citycoco electric scooter rear brake caliper it is item # BRK-102115 and can be ordered from:

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