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6 wire to 3 wire Throttle Wiring Razor EcoSmart Metro

I have looked everywhere on how to change the stock 6 wire throttle on my Razor EcoSmart Metro to a 3 wire throttle. If you could offer any help as to how the wires pair up it would be much appreciated. The wire colors on the 3 wire throttle are RED = Positive, BLACK = Negative and WHITE = SENSOR.

Thank you ahead of time for your help.

The 6-wire throttle has a built-in safety switch which 3-wire throttles do not have. Replacing the Razor EcoSmart scooter's original 6-wire throttle with a 3-wire throttle removes the safety feature that the original EcoSmart controller and throttle have which, by releasing the throttle, allows the rider to shut down the controller and stop the motor from uncontrollably running at full speed in the event of controller overheating which locks power to the motor on. Due to the deactivation of this safety feature, we do not recommend installing a 3-wire throttle on the EcoSmart scooter. 

Here is a pinout of the EcoSmart scooter's controller throttle connector which shows what functions its wires have.

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