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EcoSmart Throttle Adjuster Wiring

So after talking to the Techs on the phone (thanks guys!) we determined that the throttle adjuster you sell will not work with the EcoSmart Metro while retaining all the safety features. I was wondering if you knew how I could wire in a variable resistor to the throttle cable in order to reduce the speed?

A little background on this scooter. It is running with a 36v 18ah battery pack and is used for pulling a wagon loaded with gear around the desert at burning man. Last year the original motor lasted almost the full week before burning out. The motor has been replaced with MOT-SD361000 and all is running well but I want to do my best to maintain the range I had before. Top speed is not an issue as I only need this thing to be able to go 10mph max. I just want to make sure I'm not going to burn out the motor or reduce my range to a useless level.

Thanks in advance!

A potentiometer can be wired between the controller's green throttle input signal wire and the throttle's signal wire to limit the top speed of the scooter. 

The value that the potentiometer needs to be varies depending on the controller. A 5K Ohm potentiometer will work great with some controller while with other controllers it only provides a partial speed limit range. 10K potentiometers work well with other controllers. You could use something like a 50K potentiometer, however, then the knob would be very sensitive and difficult to fine tune the speed. 10K Ohm is a good middle ground to start from and then if you need more adjustment range go up to 20K, and if you need more sensitivity go down to 5K. 

If you already have a 20K or 50K potentiometer then it could be wired into the circuit see what resistance level the motor stops spinning at, removed from the circuit and its resistance measured, and then a potentiometer that is the same or a little higher than that resistance could be installed for a perfect fit. 

Here is how to wire the variable resistor into the circuit.

Perfect thank you so much!

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