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Dear Support, Do you guys repair electric scooters? Waiting for your response. Thank you.

We are a parts store and not a repair facility. However, we do have experience with repairing electric scooters so if you have any repair questions then please feel free to let us know. 

Dear Support, Thanks for responding, I really appreciate. The problem is I need to repair my Chinese scooter as I don’t think I have enough time trying to figure it due to work. The scooter won’t just move after turning on and pressing the throttle button. Every other things works except moving. Do you please know anyone that does repair so I can ship it to try and fix it? I will be so grateful if I can get help. Thank you.

We can check to find the closest electric scooter repair shop to your location if you could please let us know your zip code.

I wrote but somehow the information got lost. What is the cheapest way to increase speed on a Boom Chinese Scooter Bicycle? I’m getting only 12MPH and would like to increase it to 20MPH+. Thank you for your suggestion. I’ve got 48V 20AH batteries. Changed the speed control - No speed change difference. Changed the controller for a new one - no difference in speed. Wondering if another 12V 20AH battery would make it go faster? or a 750 or 1000 W controller would be better? Thank you for a response.

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