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Slime in Razor Ecosmart Metro tires?

I'm replacing the batteries on my Razor Ecosmart Metro, which I've had for several years, and I have a question. I think a few years ago, I put that Slime tire sealant stuff in the tires, as a preventive if something punctures a tire. Was it fine to put slime in the tires, or was it bad?

It is perfectly fine and recommended to put Slime inner tube sealant in the Razor EcoSmart scooter's wheels as this product will help to prevent puncture leaks from occurring and prolong the life of the inner tube. eZip and IZIP electric scooters have an inner tube sealant which is factory installed in their tubes so adding an inner tube sealant to an electric scooter's wheel is an industry accepted practice. 

We do not apply this same train of thought towards to car or truck tires though as practically all car and truck tire shops do not want tire sealant to be used in the tires that they remove because it makes their job more difficult and messy. If you want to be on the good side of your car or truck tire installer then keep tire sealant out of the tire and they will appreciate you for that.

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