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Motor overheating and blowing fuse

This is a brushed motor I bought from you guys last year as part of the GT Tsunami upgrade kit. 

Suddenly the motor overheats a lot (extreme, cannot even be touched) and the fuse gets blown. I have tested it by itself bypassing the speed controller and every time the motor takes off, the speed quickly degrades and in matter of seconds that fuse blows. 

Now, this motor has been used to death. We are talking easily over 8k miles in the last year, so if it needs to be replaced I have no issue, but before I do that I wanna know that is what is happening with it. 

Any thoughts?

BTW: The motor was tested with the wheel off the ground. 

Also, if I connect the speed controller, the motor gets no power, so based on that I am assuming the speed controller is also toast. Correct? 

The motor's electromagnetic coils were overheated at some point in time which burned off some of their winding insulation enamel and is causing the coil windings to short circuit against each other and create more electrical resistance and less magnetic flux as before the overheating event took place. This type of problem will cause the motor to overheat and lose power, will cause fuses to blow, and will cause speed controllers to burn out. 

The results of your test point towards the controller being burned out, which will happen when a motor's coils short circuit. 

On the positive side though, 8000 miles is a very long time for an electric scooter motor to run for and is a testament to the quality of Currie electric scooter motors. 

That is what I was guessing, I mean, you have no idea of the amount of maintenance I have put on this things. It is almost a daily thing. And this motor has overheated so many times. Lately it was starting to sound like crap. 

Ok, so next: Do you still have the controller/throttle kit I bought?

 I need to purchase that (bank account allowing) this very night and hopefully you guys can get it out to me asap. 

Never mind, I found the old order and simply reorder the parts.. It is done. 

My fate is in your hands. ;)

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