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Velocifero MAD scooter

Are you going to have a Velocifero MAD scooter section in your website soon? So you can be me and my friend’s go to website to buy parts. Please let me know.

Yes, we will be adding a parts page for that scooter soon. As soon as we add it I will add a link to the page here on this topic. 

Awesome. Please let me know ASAP.
I a question to anyone that can help last week i bought the velocifero scooter. Second time chargering the scooter the charger over heated . Now yesterday wile driving it the lights just csme on and started blinking. A few minutes later the scooter just stop moving it not going at all it fully charged. Has anyone had this happen to thier scooter
Not sure why you’re having that problem. Did you buy it used? What type of battery is it? Lead Acid or Lithium?

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