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what type of battery is this?

Hi. I’m fixing a friend’s scooter and when I check their battery I couldn’t recognize this type. There are no markings as to what type of battery it is. Please see attached pics. And please let me know because I need to replace his battery charger I need to know what type I need to get. thanks

The characters on the battery case label translate to: "Caution label. Special Lithium Battery for scooter."

which charger on your website do you recommend for this type of battery? I wanna get the right one because I don’t want to ruin my friend’s scooter.
And can he use my Lead Acid battery charger? to charge this battery?
and do you by any chance know if you can get similar battery? or where i can find it?
I’ve been searching for a 48v lithium charger and all I can find is Output 54.6v Why is that? They said it’s for 48v lithium battery but the output is 54.6v

We are not familiar with the lithium battery pack in your photo so we are not able to recommend a specific charger for it. Lead-acid battery chargers should not be used on lithium battery packs. Not sure where to get a similar battery pack. Lithium charger output Voltages correspond to the type and number of cells in the battery pack. This is why we can not recommend a charger for it because we do not know the type and number of cells that it is made with.

what is your best advice my friend should do?

Since we can not determine what battery charger is compatible with that battery pack our best advice is to not use it and get another battery pack which includes a battery charger or which a battery charger can be matched to.

Do you have a recommendation on which battery he should go with? The scooter’s charger plug is an XLR. If I buy the battery for him, how can he still use the XLR charger plug? Please advise as to which lithium battery would work best for his 48V 1600W scooter.

The most important specifications to match up are the controller's current limit and the lithium battery pack's maximum continuous current rating. The battery's maximum continuous current rating needs to be the same or a little higher than the controller's current limit, which is sometimes called maximum current on controller specifications.

Do you have a battery you’re selling that’s close to the battery I attached?

Unfortunately, we do not have a battery pack that is close to the one which you attached.

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