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how to connect throttle

Hello sir i have bought a 24v ebike throttle which comes with volatge display amd power lock. The throttle has 5 wire yellow blue and three combined wires green red and black.... I want to connect to a 24v 250w speed controller but not getting the exact wiring sense...please sir its my request to know to help me in this sending you the image of controller and throttle and please tell me which wire should be connect properly...
Sir waiting for your response...please

Wire the throttle's black connector to the controller's derailleur connector matching same color wires except green goes to blue. Connect throttle's blue and yellow wires to controller's power locks connector and if the display does not turn off when the key is off then reverse the positions of the wires. 

Thank you very much sir...i have done it but as you said to connect blue and yellow from throttle to power lock i was bit confused at that point so i connected yellow wire from throttle to red wire of power lock and blue from throttle to red of indicator...its working but please have a look and verified it...please sir..

The throttle's blue and yellow wires both go to the controller's connector with "key" written on it. 

Thanks sir....i will do as you thing i said should say is that you are very helpful....may god bless your work always sir....
Sir i want to buy some kits from you...but i dont no how to place an order....

Our kits can be ordered online at any time, or by phone during our business hours at 1-800-908-8082. 

but there is no link in your site from for buying... Please given the proper name of your where i can search kits and make a choose of it and buy as we do in amazon...

Parts and kits can be purchased in our online store. 

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I have a 48v 1000 w ebike and I need help with the throttle connection can anyone please help me?
I have a 48v 1000w ebike and I need help with the throttle connection can anyone please help me?

Hello Josue, we will try to help. Please give us all of the information that you have about the ebike and its parts and we will be glad to look into it and see if we can figure it out. 

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