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Older Version CityBug electric scooter controller


I purchased a second hand scooter, as pictured, although mine is dark green, it was working and then the next day, I charged the batteries, went to use it and it no longer goes. Ignition lights go on and a beep sounds, as it should, when the key is turned but nothing happens, when throttle is twisted. I have had a chap come and test the batteries and motor and he seems to think the controller is at fault. I have searched the controllers from the pictures in the parts section but can't seem to find a match for this model scooter. Do you know which controller would suit?


This is a pic of the controller with the model number

The original CityBug controllers were discontinued many years ago and have all been sold out so they are no longer available. 

Many of our customers have successfully installed modern controllers and throttles onto the CityBug to get them running again after the original controller stopped working.

We have a kit to retrofit the CityBug with which is our item # KIT-801. Here is the link to it:

This kit contains a throttle with battery indicator and key switch plus a controller. The only connections that need to be made with this kit are the thick yellow and blue wires to the motor, and the thick red and black wires to the battery pack. Wiring the brake switch to this kit's controller is optional.  

Here is what the kit looks like.

Thanks for your reply. I have had another repairer check the scooter and he believes it is the controller that is faulty. I have tried to find this kit on your parts page, to no avail...Could you please let me know the cost of this kit and cost to post to Australia?

Here is a link to the kit: 


Shipping rates depend on the destination postal code. The kit can be added to our shopping cart and then the destination country and postal code entered to view the different shipping methods and rates that are available.

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