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Zero power to my scooter?

Hi, Hopefully someone can maybe point me in the right direction here. I bought a Forca Bossman S scooter about 12 months ago brand new. The scooter never came with a battery so I have recently bought my own battery pack. Today I plugged it in for the first time with full charge on the battery, but absolutely zero power is going to the scooter. Not even so much as an Led lighting up on the dash. It should switch on with an ignition key but nothing happens when I turn it. I have tested the battery and it has full charge. I can't think where the problem might be coming from? I'd be very grateful for some ideas. Thanks Paul.
Have a look for a fuse or circuit breaker somewhere. See if there is an owner's manual that could give some ideas. Failing that check voltage into the switch and voltage out.
Thanks Craig. Ill take a look. Regards Paul

Craig has got it right. We would first check for Voltage where the battery pack plugs into the controller. There should be around 52 Volts there. If there is no Voltage then the fuse may be blown or the circuit breaker may be tripped. If the controller is getting the right amount of Voltage then the next thing we would do is unplug the power switch from the controller and check continuity of the power switch to make sure it is working. 

Thanks it's a bit tricky as the wires on the speed controller are not labelled so I'm a little bit unsure which wire is for the power switch. Also i have put a fuse on the negative wire of the battery as well as on the negative. I assume that wouldn't cause this problem would it?

Installing fuses on both the positive and negative battery wires would not cause any problems. 

The speed controller may have labels on the plugs that can be seen on the inside connector after the connectors have been disconnected from each other. 

The power or key switch wires are usually red and black.

I discovered the problem was actually the side stand switch. Also I was wondering if there is a way to test the cells on these big lithium battery packs? I can check them easily on my rc batteries as they have balance leads on them. But these big scooter batteries only have the power terminals and the charging terminal.

Oh wow, I have never heard of a scooter with a side stand (kickstand) switch before. That is very good to know about. 

I am not sure how to go about testing the battery cells. Most of those electric scooter lithium battery packs do not have balance leads and are in a plastic case or covered in heat shrink plastic tubing so the individual batteries cannot be accessed. 

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