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Razor RX200

I have just bought this scooter from an auction site and it has a buckled wheel. Unfortunately I have been struggling to find the rear wheel assy anywhere. Even Razor do not have it on their website. Is there anything I could use to do the same job ie another rear wheel from another scooter? Many thanks in advance.

The Razor RX200 scooter's rear wheel is unique to the RX200 model because it has a disc brake rotor on it and none of the other razor scooters with 200x50 wheels has disc brakes. 

We have ordered RX200 rear wheels and expect them to arrive in a month or two. We could send you an email when they are in stock if you would like?

Hello support. Yes that would be great if you could. Thanks

You got it. We will send you an email as soon as they are back in stock. Thank you.

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