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rad2go Q personal transport

Does anyone have a wiring schematic for this? I am trying to find a replacement controller. Actuall there are 3 similar sized boxes.

We do not have and have never run across a wiring schematic for the Rad2Go Q Electric Chariot Personal Transporter electric scooter. 

Rad2Go Q Electric controllers have been discontinued for a very long time so the chances of finding the original controllers for it are probably next to nothing.

If you want to get it running we suggest gutting the original electronics and installing a new controller and throttle. Not sure how well it would turn though if a single controller was run to both motors. Would have to give it a try and see.

I have seen several Utube videos that are about using two controllers on ebikes for a two wheel drive set up which seem to work well. One of the set ups use a cycle analyst to give over all control. Essentially the controllers share the data lead from the throttle. I do not know if the cycle analyst can be used with brushed motors though. Running two controllers in parallel will double the wattage draw so the analyst can set limits.Do you have any information about the wheel hubs such as wattage? The Q is such an interesting vehicle that it seems worth the effort. Thank you for the input.

I do not know of any brush motor controllers that have a connector for a Cycle Analyst. We have absolutely no information available on how many Watts the Rad2Go Q Electric hub motors are. My guess is that the motors are around 250 or 350 Watts per wheel.

One thought I just had is to use two controllers and two throttles. This way the right-hand throttle would control the right side motor, and the left-hand throttle would control the left side motor. I think a scooter with side-by-side wheels and two throttles like that would be very fun to ride. We have left and right side throttles available on these pages:

Left-Hand Throttle THR-25-L:

Right-Hand Throttle THR-25-R:

I think in a stand up scooter, two throttles would be hard to control. It would be a very quick turn. Using two controllers with a common data lead (i.e. both controllers in parrallel) would keep it in a straight line. on turns, the inside an outside wheels turn at a different rate (i.e. outside wheel must be slightly faster. With two 24v controllers and 250 watt ? motors , the load could be 500 watts at full throttle

The hard to control part of having two throttles is what I think would make it fun to ride. Agree that it would be much easier to control and ride with one throttle though. 

If you have ever driven a sand buggy with turning brakes ( emergency brake is split and independantly controlled) you get an idea how abrupt the steering can be. In my search for info on the Rad2go Q, I found a Chinese company by the name of Shanghai Winsun who offers a "Segway Scooter mobility 4 wheel". I do not know who the original manufacurer of the Rad2go scooter was but it looks the same. Their newer models have 1000watt motors and "monster" tires. BTW the 2 side wheel scooter was banned for a while. Adding some photos

That is very interesting. Where do you live at that 2 side-by-side wheeled scooters are banned?

I read that several countries banned segway type vehicles. I wonder if this was the demise of the Rad2go Q. See attached files.
Well I think I have a solution to rebuilding a Rad2go mobility scooter. (1) use 2- 250 watt brush motor controllers. (2) connect data lead to both controllers from throttle (5v power supplied by one) I forsee some issue with both wheels turning at the same rate in a turn (oversteer). Well I have read that someone intall a mechanical dissrupt circuit activated by the steering mechanism to cut off inside wheel. Seems plausible to me. We'll see how well it works.

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