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24VDC 100W motor controller Yiyuntech model:YK19F

Dear specialist can i connect a 36V half twist throttle to a 24V 100W motor, as is my friend kids scooter so i trying to fix for him.I try to connect but it seem that the throttle cannot control the motor. Please advised with attached photo.

Dear Specialist,

I can't find the fuse as stated base on model Charger 24V DC 100W. there is also a reset button which i believed is the main cause, please assist me in the connection thank You.

Yes, the controller's 3-wire connector is for the throttle and connect together the red and black wires of the throttle and controller, and then the white throttle wire to the blue controller wire. A fuse or breaker between 7 and 10 Amps will be suitable for that controller. 

Sorry for my late reply, thanks alot.

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