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Green, yellow and red leds are on at the same time

My scooter ezip 500 doesn't run, any movement, all I got is this three LEDs on at the same time. The last time I ride, yesterday, I heard a sound like a little explosion, the scooter stops but ten seconds after this, it was working good. After 10 minutes of using it again the explosive sound end no more working for my scooter. The batteries are OK I fully charged, controller too, I mean for outside view. Maybe the motor is damaged but I don't know how to tested., end I need help if somebody knows what means the three LEDs on at the same, S.O.S... I LOVE MY SCOOTER.

When all three LEDs are lit up at the same time that indicates that the battery pack is fully charged. From your description, it sounds like there may be a problem with a connector or wire. We would start by carefully inspecting all of the scooter's thick wires and their connectors between the motor and controller and between the controller and batteries to try to find any signs of overheating, breakage, discoloration, or damage. 

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