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Wire connections for Crazy Cart V3 Foot Pedal

Foot pedal  for my V3 Crazy Cart was damaged against a curb and I am trying to re-attach the Black and White and Red wires.

The Green and Yellow wires are still attached to two metal leads.  There is a third lead with no wire attached.

Trying to find a picture or instruction on re-attaching the black and white wires and the the red wire.

attached a photo

(1.92 MB)

The red wire goes to the hall sensor microchip which is the part that the black and white wires are still attached to. I can see part of the hall sensor lead still attached to the red wire in your photo. You may be able to determine which hall sensor lead the red wire attaches to by determining which of its leads the black and white wires are attached to and attaching it the lead that does not have a wire attached to it. 

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