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Schwinn S750 Direct Drive- Axel Cap

Hi I believe while working on my Schwinn I might of lost or it simply didn't come with it as I bought it from a stranger. Whom I cant get in contact with. So my question is while I put everything back together I noticed something was missing tried everything to fix it and still nothing. Well I tried to ride it with the rear wheel Axel cap on the left side opposite from the motor off and I made it about a block or 2 before it started wobbling so I walked it home. Is. There a replacement I can buy or an alternative to fix my problem. I know there's a bearing in the center of the Axel cap I tried to out a basic skateboard bearing but it seems it doesn't fit. I need help asap please let me know what I can do to fix this issue? Thanks in advanced for your time

We carry the axle bearing cap with bearing for scooters with direct drive motors on this page:

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