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motor test on 48 Volt 500 Watt TaoTao electric scooter

this is a brushless motor, would like to test motor myself. has been to two shops, all they are interesting is in money,money,money. ok I'm into that. would be grateful of your help, and thank you in advance

We carry a brushless motor and controller testing tool that is our item # BTS-100 which is available on our Tools Page

Here is a picture of it:

tester not available, i have multimeter.

have more then one parts problem, shop said i need new harness, i agree. But like tester. not available. i'm sure someone can help, thank in advance.     al romano

The BST-100 brushless motor and controller tester will be back in stock this Friday. 

We may be able to get a wiring harness for the scooter, however, there are a couple of different TaoTao electric scooter models which have different harnesses.

Do you know what model the TaoTao electric scooter which you have is? 

thank u please keep me posted

what info would you need for right harness Vin, my owner manual list two models (501, 502m)??????.i am sure grateful. this is a old scooter.   i am really thankful that taotao have discontinued these scooters 

The model can be determined by its tire size. The 501 model has 16x3.0 tires and the 502 model has 3.00-10 tires.

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