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Razor Ground Force Drifter - battery not charging?

Folks: I have a drifter that is only a few months old that no longer seems to take a charge or go. 


- When charger is plugged in, green light on charger is on

- When charger is plugged in, if I turn drifter power switch on, power switch lights up and front throttle lights come on. Pressing throttle results in clicking noise but nothing else.

- With charger not plugged in, no response at all to throttle or anything else with power switch on. Power switch does not even light up. 

- I measured the voltage coming from the combined batteries at 20V - this seems constant regardless of whether the power switch is on or off. 

Do I have a dead battery pack? Isn't that 20V supposed to be 24V...?

Suggestions / recommendations appreciated...


A 24 Volt battery pack that has 20 Volts in it is extremely deeply discharged. In fact, it is so deeply discharged that the controller will not allow it to run the motor because it does not want to damage the battery pack by discharging it too much.

From your description, it sounds like the charger and charger port are both working, yet somehow either the current from the charger is not reaching the battery pack or the battery pack is bad. 

We would start by testing the Voltage at the charger's output plug just to verify that it is working. It should have around 29 Volts of output.

Next, we would test the Voltage at the red and blue arrows shown in the drawing below. 

Start with testing the Voltage at the red arrows, if there is Voltage on that side of the connector then the battery pack wiring harness and fuse are good. 

Next test the Voltage at the blue arrows. If there is Voltage at the blue arrows then the connector is good. 

If the connector is good then next plug the charger into the go-kart and the wall, and then test the Voltage at either the blue or red arrows. The Voltage should slowly climb if the batteries are taking a charge. 

If the Voltage does not slowly climb then unplug the charger from the wall, unplug the battery pack connector from the controller, plug the charger back into the wall, and test the Voltage of the controller's battery pack connector. It should have the same voltage that the charger's output plug does, otherwise, current from the charger is not making it to the battery pack which could indicate a problem with either the charger port or controller. 

Please let us know how it goes and we can take it from there. 

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