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Heavy weight project

Hi, How much weight can hub motors support bearing down on them thru the fork/axle assembly? Is there a value/dimension of motor I can look at to get an idea? Thanks.

That is a great question, however, it is a question which we do not know the answer to.

Do you know the weight that an externally geared motor's axle/spindle assembly can support?

Without having the manufacturer's specifications for a specific hub motor that is not a question which we would be able to answer. We would presume that an electric bike or scooter's hub motor would be able to handle the weight of one rider and the vehicle itself though. When a scooter or bike is going uphill most of the weight is on the rear wheel, and when going downhill or braking most of the weight is on the front wheel, so the individual wheels should be made to support the full weight of the vehicle and rider. 

Thanks for your prompt responses.

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