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Headset that fits GT Tsunami & Front Fork questions

Another day, another problem: I need to replace the front fork headset on the GT tsunami and the front fork.  

QUestion 1: Do  any of the headsets you sell fit? Just off the top of your head, if you know. This I need now regardless of the fork situation. 

Question 2: Can the steering stem on the front fork be removed? I looked at it and looks like it might be pressed in. Just wondering if it is doable. I see no info anywhere about doing this.

Question 3:I asked about the generic front fork you sell before m but you never answered: I wonder if that fork would fit the Tsunami, although I would lose the front brake.  Alternatively, I thought If the steering stem in the front fork can be pressed out, perhaps I can cannibalize this generic one and press it on the old one...or weld it...or press it over the current steering stem...

Basically, the very top of the steering stem, about 2/3 of the threaded part, broke 1/2 inch, so when I put the fork in, it does not reach through. Right now I have a less-than-safe, brute-force solution (too long to explain), but I need a proper fix. 

Thanks and sorry for all the bugging, 

We do not list a headset bearing for the GT Tsunami electric scooter. Our headset bearings BRG-134B and BRG-134C are the right size for the GT Tsunami forks and frame, however, I believe there is a flange welded on the bottom of the fork's stem that prevents these bearings from working with the scooter.

We do not know if the steering stem of the GT Tsunami forks can be removed by pressing. Also, unfortunately, we do not know if the generic fork that we sell will fit the GT Tsunami. 

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