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Taotao ate 501 rear hub assembly

Does anyone have a manual for the rear hub assembly on a taotao 501? I had for over a year and about a month into using it freewheel bearing locked up and pedals become weapons against my shins. Took chain off and used it that way. Due to legal reason I need the pedals back on and to work. I ordered a new freewheel socket. Took it off and put new one on but does not look right. I need to know if anything is missing or wrong. Or reason it locked up on me. Any help would be great. I have a photo of what I mean

We do not have or know where to get a manual for the TaoTao ATE501 or its rear hub assembly. Looking at your photo, the new freewheel sprocket appears to be correctly installed and looks normal to us. The old freewheel sprocket most likely locked up from internal wear caused by old age. 

Thank you. Is it normal to have a 1/2 cap between sprocket and rear frame?

Yes, that amount of gap between the freewheel sprocket and the frame's rear swing arm is normal for the Taotao ATE 501 electric scooter. 

Thank you

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