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Chaos 1600w

Help me please I have a 1600w chaos scooter I was pulling my son on his one and it just died I have changed the battery’s and the motor but when I twist the throttle it just does one big click and that’s it does anybody have any ideas for me pls all lights come on and work to ... thanks

We would begin troubleshooting by unplugging the brake lever switch wires from the controller and seeing if it works then. It could be possible that one of the brake switches is bad and staying in the on position. 

If that does not help then please let us know and we can take it from there.

I have taken each plug from the controller and tried it and It dose the same so I took the controller apart and found a little burn spot by the yellow wire that goes to the motor so I have ordered a new controller am wishing this will work I should of checked that first before spending so much on a new motor
Got new controller tried to fit it and nothing no power no lights nothing any ideas .thanks

We would start by testing the input Voltage at the new controller's battery connector to make sure it is getting Voltage and the right amount of Voltage from the battery pack. If that looks good then we would check continuity of the power switch and make sure it is properly connected to the controller. 

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