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Mx650 issue???

I’m not sure what exactly is wrong with my sons mx650. Awhile back we rinsed the dirt off of it being careful not to get the electronics too wet and the next time my son went to ride it, it wouldn’t work. It would come on but the controller just clicked. Then it sat for a couple weeks and I went to try and figure out what was wrong with it exactly and then suddenly it worked just fine. I thought maybe the motor got too wet and just needed to dry. And then after recharging it, the charger said it was full but the throttle full light would just switch to low when he would turn the throttle and it acted as if it was not charged at all. I checked the batteries one by one with the switch off and got 11.8-11.9v for all three batteries. With the switch on I got 35.4 I think. With his weight on it and turning the throttle, it would try and go and after a sec or two it would just completely shut down. The motor and batteries seem fine so could the controller be bad?? Please somebody help

From your description, it sounds most likely that the battery pack is losing too much Voltage under load and causing the problem. The first step we would take is to load test the battery pack to confirm its condition. This can be done by checking the battery pack Voltage with the power switch on, and then hold the bike still and start giving it throttle and see if the battery pack Voltage gets lower. If the battery pack Voltage drops under 32 Volts during this test then the battery pack is not producing enough Voltage under load to keep the speed controller on. 

Here is a link to our battery load testing guide:

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