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Razor Drifter Cart Problem

I'm working on a  cart  that won't run for a friend. I found your test sheet but have  a  question on one of  the tests.  The picture shows the  throttle/controller connector

disconnected for checking the  variable voltage output  from  the throttle.  Is this  correct? 



The throttle and controller connectors need to be plugged together for the test. 

Thank you.

A list of what I've found so far:

Full charge light only lit while charger is connected. Disconnect charger, lite goes out.

Throttle/controller connector voltages correct.

Batteries are fully charged. But voltage drops to 16.0 when main switch is on without pressing throttle.

Motor is bad. Winding open 0 ohms resistance.

Voltage at controller/motor connector 1.4 volts when motor disconnected and throttle pressed.

All connectors fine.

I believe the controller as well as the motor is bad.  Would you agree given the above?

Also, which controller is the replacement for the one I have attached a picture of?

(3.94 MB)

If the battery pack Voltage drops to 16 Volts when the power switch is on then the battery pack is worn out and needs to be replaced. The controller goes into under-voltage protection mode and disables the motor from running when the battery pack Voltage is at 21 Volts or less. 

The motor may be okay because 0 Ohms of resistance indicates a good winding that electricity is flowing through. We like to think of 0 Ohms as no resistance, as in nothing is resisting the flow of electricity and electricity is able to pass through the item with absolutely no impediment at all. 

The motor could be tested by connecting it to the battery pack. Unless the battery pack drops to around zero Volts when the motor is connected to it then the motor should spin if it is good. 

The controller cannot be properly tested until a good battery pack is connected to it, so we would start with replacing the battery pack and then see if that solves the problem before replacing any other parts. 

Our item # RAZ-CONTROLLER1 is the replacement for the HB2430-TYD6K controller in your attached photo.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Connected the motor directly to the  battery pack.  Motor did not turn over and battery voltage dropped  to .003 volts.  Ok to assume both battery pack and motor defective?  

The charger is series 08.

Is this the correct battery pack?  Item # BAT-RAZ1 or the Item # BAT-RAZ1-XR

Is this the correct motor replacement?  

(4.4 MB)
(4.82 MB)

OOPs, forgot to add item # for motor... Item # MOT-24200

0.003 Volts is not enough Voltage to run the motor on so that test does not indicate that the motor is good or bad. It does indicate that the battery pack is bad and needs to be replaced though.

Our item # BAT-RAZ1 and BAT-RAZ1-XR are the correct battery packs for all versions of the Razor Ground Force Drifter including version 8. 

The OEM motor is item # GFD-MOTOR, however, that motor shows up as being temporarily out of stock. It can be replaced with an aftermarket motor which is just as good and made by the same factory as the OEM motor which is our item # MOT-24250X2650. 

All of these parts are available on the Ground Force Drifter Parts page:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks, I'll see what my friend wants to do.

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