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Razor E150 throttle wiring

The throttle on my Razor E150 has 4 wires. 2-brown and 2-yellow.

Which wire is the +5V? Which wire is the ground? Which wire is the throttle output voltage? What is the 4th wire for?

That throttle is an on-off type and not a variable speed hall effect type. It has two momentary SPST on-off switches inside of it. The two orange wires go to one of the switches and the two brown wires go to the other switch.

What voltages can I expect to be measured from each of the throttle wires(brown, brown, yellow, yellow) referred to battery ground?

We are not sure about that because we do not have any specifications on the throttle wire Voltages and we do not have an E150 scooter here in the shop to test and find out. 

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