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Brand New E300 that will not charge it seems

Hello, Just got a Razor E300 shipped to us from Fingerhut. The box was in good condition with only one hole in it. But after getting it unpacked and the handlebars on it. I noticed it said charge at least 12 hours before first use. SO I took it inside and plugged it in. It says it should turn red while charging and change to green when completed. Problem is it doesn't turn red and it has no power. I thought maybe it was fully charged but it barely engages not enough to make the wheels move but a little only if I pick up the back. What's the deal? Its brand new I paid $400 for this thing and feel like I should just box it back up and send it back for a full refund.

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Update, so after posting this, I went back to messing with the darn thing, it says DO NOT TURN ON WHILE PLUGGED INTO THE CHARGER! But that exactly what I did and the light on the charger turned red then back to green when I turned it off. It did this the few times I flipped it off and on again. But the last time I left the power on picked up the back and hit the throttle. The wheel didnt engage but when I turned off the power this time the charger light stayed red. Hmm maybe its charging now? I guess we will see in the morning , that's if the house isn't burnt down

It sounds like either the battery pack was at a very low Voltage level, or one of the connectors may have been loose or damaged. How did it go after the battery pack was recharged?

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