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Help please ! So it's taken awhile but I switched over everything but my original gio (luayan) rear hub + tire to my project bike finally finished the wiring today fired it up and didn't realize at the time that whatever I did since moving over all compartments makes the unknown make or model rear hub on project bike only runs in reverse without me on it. Like it seems like a powerful hub. Would prefer to use that hub and just look into wiring ? I still have factory hub on other frame but it fell off the frame 5 times downtown and I couldn't figure out why. It's still intact cord migt be stretched but the 3 wires have not made contact with each other Any advice is appreciated thanks and a have a wonderful weekend -Nathan

If the controller has learning wires then when the power is on they could be plugged together and then unplugged to reverse the direction of the motor. Learning wires are usually two thin white wires terminated with mating connectors.

If the controller does not have learning wires then the positions of two of the three thick wires between the motor and controller could be switched around to reverse the direction of the motor.

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