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Razor e300 becoming extremely slow

Hello, recently my e300 has been really slow and is making a battery smell, it could not even handle a slight uphill slope even when fully charged. I am not sure whether to replace the batteries or the motor. If you could tell me what you think I should replace it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Batteries usually do not produce a smell when they are going bad, however, motors often do. 

We start by would performing a load test on the battery pack to determine its condition and then take it from there. Our load testing guide is available on this page: https://electricscooterparts.com/loadtest

The battery pack Voltage should start at around 27 Volts and should drop around 1-2 Volts under load. If the Voltage drop is more than 2 Volts then that indicates the battery pack is old, worn out, or faulty and should be replaced. 

If the motor has a burnt electronics type of smell then it has been previously overheated and should be replaced. However, if the motor does not have a burnt smell then it may be okay and can continue to be used. 

Please let us know how it goes.

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