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Which speed controller do I need for a ecosmart metro

Hey team The reason for today’s entry is a must replace my speed controller for the razor metro eco-smart scooter. I managed to overheat the thing when I was pressing the throttle well going up a hill I had slow down to the point where I wasn’t moving but I still have the flat throttle fully processed so very quickly I smelled a burning sensation and lost power when I opened up the blue wire had lost its protective coating it didn’t look like there is any damage done to the wire itself but it was no longer functioning. It is also worth mentioning that I replaced the stock batteries with 12 V 15 amp hour batteries for increased ride time so naturally I am a bit curious if I overheated the speed controller of that was designed for stock batteries 500 W may not have been enough. So my first question is can I use simply electrical tape wrap it up and stick it back in there or do I need to buy a new speed controller And if so which one should I purchase thank you guys for all the help looking forward to your responses

If the speed controller still works and only its blue motor wire's insulation has begun to melts and deform then the controller can still be used. If the controller to motor connector has been overheated and deformed then it should be replaced. If the blue wire has any exposed copper then that area could be covered with electrical tape to protect it from short-circuiting.

Other than adding extra weight to the scooter the 15Ah batteries will not cause any extra current to flow through the controller wires and cause them to overheat as they did. When going uphill if the scooter's speed becomes very slow then it is best to let go of the throttle and push the scooter up the rest of the hill to avoid overheating the scooter's electronics. 

If needed we carry replacement controllers for the EcoSmart scooter on our Razor EcoSmart Parts page. 

So in Buy wrapping tape and cover the exposed copper area meaning electrical tape to protect it and it should work again? Thank you very much for your help, looking forward to your response

That would only protect against a short-circuit and not repair any functionality problems. 

I wrapped it in electric tape to protect it got everything but one plug not to sure where it goes the picture is down below. Thanks again for the help I’m brand new to all of this

We recommend insulating the wires with electrical tape individually instead of insulating them as a pair.

The connector in your photo is not used on the EcoSmart so nothing connects to it. 

Here is a wiring diagram for the EcoSmart scooter.

Where do I get the recommended wires? I made a video to show you the problem
(1.24 MB)

The new battery pack needs to be wired as drawn in on the photo below.

You could extend the black wire by splicing in a new piece of wire to make it longer. 

I’m confused where does the right side of the wire go, the other battery or the controller? Can we talk on FaceTime or something that will be eaiser

It goes to the controller. We have updated the photo above to better reflect this.

How Can I tell if the controller is damaged and not just the wire I have a replacement wire ready to go so I’m trying to isolate the problem as much as possible the wire that was burned is barely functioning but I don’t know if it’s the wire or maybe something internally is damaged .

Electric scooter speed controllers are too complex to easily test. Testing the other components that are connected to the speed controller and using the process of elimination is the best method to determine if the speed controller is working or not. If all of the other components that are connected to the speed controller test good then the speed controller has to be the problem.

We would start by turning the power switch on and testing the Voltage at the speed controller to wiring harness connector. The thick red and thick black wires are the ones to test. If there is no Voltage at this connector then the fuse, power switch, or battery harness may have a problem. If there is Voltage there then check its level with the power switch off and with the power switch on. If the Voltage level drops under 23 Volts with the power switch on then the battery pack has a problem. The expected Voltage at this connector is around 27 Volts if the battery pack and charger are good. 

If the previous test does not uncover any problems then we would unplug the motor from the controller and connect it directly to a battery or battery pack to make sure that it works.

If that does not uncover a problem then we would test the throttle using the attached throttle testing guide. When using this guide the throttle needs to be plugged into the controller during the test procedures. 

If the test results for all of the parts including the throttle are good then that points towards the controller being the faulty part. 

Please let us know how it goes.


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