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Baja 500 48v issues

I have a scooter that fell on its right side and now I think the motor was jarred and doesn’t run like it should. When the back wheel is stationary the throttle won’t work but if I move the back wheel even just a little the throttle works and the wheel spins freely. While the wheel is spinning by the throttle works as usual but if the wheel stops then the throttle doesn’t work. While on the bike the motor is weak and makes a grinding sound. I will link to my YouTube video of the problem. Thanks for any advice.

If the wires exit the motor's axle on the side that it fell on then the problem could be caused by broken or short-circuiting wires which would be in the area where the wires exit the axle. 

If the wires are not on the side that the scooter fell on or are not damaged then it sounds like there may be an internal problem with the motor. 

We would start by checking the motor's wires and wire connectors to see if any problems are visible with them and then take it from there. 

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