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Currie model

Hello, is there anyone who can identify this model? And what parts is needed to fix this..? Thx

That is a Currie Scoot-E electric scooter. We carry parts for it on this page:

Please let us know if there is anything else that we may help you with.

Hey thx, i am just thinkin what parts is missing..? At least battery/batreries? Maybe throttle handle? There is wires from motor and main power switch. Is this 12v or 24v? And coverplate? Charger? But anything else? Just wondering what needed.. Thx

From looking at the photos we can see that the following parts are missing:

1. Footplate and rear fender. (no longer available however could be remade from plywood)

2. Battery pack with a fabric case and battery harness. Item # BAT-2410PK

3. Thumb throttle. Item # THR-AWI5K

4. Battery charger. Item # CHR-24V1.6AXLR

All of these parts except for the footplate and rear fender are available on our Currie Scoot-E Electric Scooter Parts page. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

I wish to order that replacement motor throttle set and batteries but toll outside europe is what is making me nervous. You have storage in europe?

We do not have a warehouse in Europe. We carry a battery pack wiring harness which you could import along with the throttle and that would help to keep the weight and cost of shipping down. Then you could purchase the batteries locally. 

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