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E-scooter 24v 300w schematics?

The wiring in this scooter is all messed up. It is missing a battery and I cannot find any wiring diagrams, anyone able to provide information about it?

As far as we know E-Scooter did not provide any wiring diagrams with or for their electric scooters. The easiest way to go about wiring the scooter may be to purchase a new speed controller which has wiring directions and then use the new controller's wiring direction for wiring the other parts to it. 

it's almost as if this scooter never existed as far as the internet is concerned. does E-scooter have a website?

or at least some way to contact them about it?

E-Scooter is a quasi-brand name who's label is applied to electric scooters made by numerous factories so there is no way to track down or contact the company who made or distributed the scooter. 

same story for similar scooters like the freedom 940 series and the salorr e3009 I presume. I've started to work on a wiring diagram for it, thanks for the info.

Freedom and Salorr were real scooter brands with US-based service and support back when they were still in business. These brands had the same factories that make E-Scooters make their scooters and I do not know of any wiring diagrams that they had for their scooters. 

The only wiring diagram I know about for these type of scooters, which were often referred to as "dolphin" scooters due to their body shape, is for the Scoot-N-Go which I will post below.

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