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How do I replace an eco-smart 36 V motor

I charge my scooter turned it on this morning and went to write it and smoke started coming out of the motor I had recently replaced my speed controller and check the batteries everything else was fine so I need to know what motor to replace it with as far as watts 500-800? Secondly procedurally I have to replace it what do I do for that how do I go into surgery take the old motor off put a new one on thank you

The replacement motor for the Razor EcoSmart scooter is a 500 Watt motor which is our item # ESM-MOTOR and available on our Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter Parts page. 

The chain needs to be taken off of the motor and then the motor's three mounting nuts can be removed to dismount the motor from the scooter. Installation is the opposite of removal. 

There any kind of instructional video for reference ?

Not that we know of.

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