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Need help troubleshooting Razor scooter

My neighbors e100 power core scooter does not run.  He used the scooter the day before and then it would not work.  The scooter's on/off button does not light up at all, and if I plug the battery charger into the scooter, the green light is on indicating it is charged.  I changed out the circuit breaker which did not help.  Today I tested the batteries and the volts when charging is 27.5, not charging 24.  The one battery tests out at 13.2, and the other battery at 11.1.  It appears that the battery with the 11.1 is not charging.  I also tested the brake switch and it was at 0 ohms.  I tried another set of batteries from a different razor scooter, and still no luck in getting it to turn on or even get a click when I turn the throttle.  I am wondering if the control module needs to be replaced.  I have gone through all of the wiring, and pushed together all connections. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix the scooter.  Thanks.

We would start by testing the battery pack Voltage when the scooter's power switch is on and the throttle is twisted, because the battery pack may be dropping down to around zero Volts which is causing the problem.

If the battery pack Voltage remains at or above 24 Volts during the test above then since the On-Off power switch does not light up at all that may indicate a problem with the power switch. You might want to try temporarily bridging the two yellow wires that go to the power switch together and see if it runs then. Or test the power switch leads where the two yellow wires were plugged into it and see if the switch contacts are at 0 Ohms when the switch is on. 

If that does not help then the throttle can be tested to confirm if it works or not. To test the throttle unplug it from the controller and test Ohms between its orange and orange wires first, and then between its brown and brown wires. Both sets of these wires should be at Infinity Ohms when the throttle is not twisted, and at 0 Ohms when the throttle is twisted. 

Before replacing the controller we would also test the motor to make sure that it works. Once everything that is plugged into the controller has been tested and works then we would go ahead and replace the controller. 

Please let us know how it goes.

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