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Electric scooter running fine but can't charge

For the whole week I've been using my electric scooter for commutes. Each commute is short and the battery is 10.4aH so I don't charge it up everyday, more like once a week. Yesterday at about 30% battery remaining I decided I wanted to charge it, but the adapter which normally turns red upon charging, did not turn and stayed green. I've tested 2 other power adapter to rule out that possibility. Given that it's been running fine, is it an issue other than a battery issue? Could it be an issue with the charging port? Any one can provide any insights? My scooter is Jack hot (or at least looks like one)
And do I use a voltaic meter to check the port? If so how?

The Jack Hot scooter has a very difficult charger plug to test because its terminals are so small and close together. To test the charger we would remove the charger port from the scooter, unplug it from the battery, and then plug the charger into the charger port and wall and test for Voltage at the charger port's red battery connector. 

Once the charger port is removed from the scooter it could be tested by sticking an appropriate size wire in the port terminals and testing for continuity between the terminals at the red connector. 

Hey thanks so much for the info. I have very minimal experience with using a voltaic meter. What settings would I use on the meter, and as far as I know the meter would have 2 rods, so I just stick each into the red connectors? And just to be sure, there are no electric shock risks in doing this test right? Thanks!

The DC Volts setting would be used on the meter. Most multimeters have a 200 Volt DC setting which would be a good one to use. There is no risk of getting shocked because the charger output Voltage is too low for shocks. You should be able to gently push the probes (sticks) into the back of the connector where the wires enter into it to read the Voltage.

Thanks again, still trying to get my hands on one of these things. Someone suggested that The battery management system is defective and wants to charge me $50usd for it. Does this diagnosis sound plausible? Sorry I know I should check the port first, but just putting this out to see if anyone has comments thanks!

Faulty parts on electric scooters usually cannot be properly diagnosed without testing. You could try replacing the battery management system and see if that solves the problem. We would test the charger and charger port first though to make sure they are working. 

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