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Razor Ground Force Drifter Heating Motor & Control Clicking

It's a 24-volt razor drifter electric go kart 250 watt not sure if the motors going and the control or one of the other but the controls making a clicking noise and the motor got extremely hot today and started stinking my son drives it and he is under 50 lb so it's not him. I bought it from somebody yesterday and it was fine but now today it gave problems. Any advice on what I should do or anything to replace. I'm assuming I'm going to need to replace both and my son loves driving it so I want to get it done ASAP thank you. Please help appreciate it.


When the controller makes a clicking sounds and the motor does not run that usually points towards an old or worn out battery pack or a charging system problem. You can check the battery indicator lights on the throttle to see if they show a full charge and if they go down when the throttle is engaged. If the battery indicator lights go down when the throttle is pressed that indicates a problem with the battery pack or charging system. 

To test the charging system, if you have a multimeter you could see if the battery pack Voltage starts to slowly increase when the charger is plugged into the go-kart, or you could charge the go-kart overnight and see if it runs better the next day. If the charging system tests good and the battery Voltage still goes down when the throttle is pressed that points towards a problem with the battery pack.

A low battery pack could cause the motor to lug and overheat so we would start with testing the battery pack and charging system and make sure they are both good before looking into replacing the motor or controller. 

Please let us know how it goes and we can take it from there.

it's not the battery or anyting I believe it's the controller itself and the motor works and everything it just overheated today there was a lot of weight riding on it so not sure if it puts stress under the motor or not I'm going to check tomorrow as well I have fully charged it today the charging everything works fine it took maybe 3 hours from dead to fully charge my checked it around that time and it was fully charged I didn't really calculate it but it did hold a charge for a good amount of time today it was still charged at least I'd say half the green light says full when it's road so I don't think it's the battery I think it's either the controller or the motor itself starting to wear out.

It is the nature of controllers to either work normally or to not work at all, with nothing in between these two stages of their lifespan. So that would point towards the motor starting to go out since the controller is working.

If the motor overheated and started to smell like burnt electronics when it should not have, then that could be a sign that the motor has a burned out coil winding and is on its way out. Burned out coil windings get worse and worse over time until the coil's resistance gets so low that the motor demands so much current from the controller that the controller overheats and burns out.

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