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60v 2kw

I've got a electric scooter it's called commuter scooter 60v 2kw it has a gear selection which has stopped working no gear shows up on the Speedo and the twist throttle response is nothing every thing else is working and it's fully charged any ideas please would be great. Many thanks

The problem sounds most likely to be a faulty gear selector switch. We would begin the diagnosis by checking all of the wires and connectors to make sure they are okay. Next, we would test the gear selection switch for proper continuities and also test the throttle to make sure that it is working.

Thank you I think the gear selection switch is ok but after takeing the throttle apart there's a wire came out so I'm looking for a new one.any idea's welcome . Many thanks

If you are able to attach a photo of the throttle then we can see if we have it or if we are able to get it. The photo would need to show the throttle and the connector at the end of the throttle's cable. 

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