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Refitting an elecric trike with 24v motor with control and foot pedal throttle

Workman recumbent trike with headline 500w, 2600 rpm motor

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Can you hook me up with the right motor and controls for this application. Trike with 24 inch tires. Has a 24 v 2500 rpm 500w motor that is not working and wires have been cut. Want a foot pedal control.

We should have all of the parts needed for that. Could you attach a photo of the motor, drivetrain, and wheels - and/or let us know what the wheel diameter, axle size, sprocket sizes, etc. are so we can check for parts compatibility?

I can do That! Thanx. It will be tomorrow.
Do you need the # of teeth in the sprockets?
I hope the pictures came thru
Let me know if you get these pictures
I hope you have enough info now to help me select the products I need. Please advise.

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