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Controller 36V 20A 500W


have this controller on a TNT electric child scooterbike.

There is marked on the controller :


Three speed 36 volt 500watt 20A

Got a new throttle THR86 (half length twis throttle) but doesn't work. Would like to have the connections (wire connections ) of the controller  but can not find this anywhere..

Can you help me with this?

Thx in adv.

Is there a alternative for this controller?

On that brand of controller, the throttle typically connects to the wires in your photo which the connector has been cut off of with the following wire designations:

Red = +5V

White with black stripe = Ground

Gray = Signal

The controller's +36V output for the battery meter is usually a connector with green and black wires, with the green wire being the +36V output. 

Here is the THR-86 Wiring

Red  +5 Volts Input for Throttle
Blue  Ground
Green  Speed Control Signal (1-4 Volts  Output)
Yellow  +36 Volts Input for Battery Meter

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Thanks a lot for your reply. The problem is solved.

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