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I have a CozyTrike that appears to have been modified at some point in the past.  The display, which included the power switch, is missing and it appears that the only way to control whether the trike is on or off is by plugging into or unplugging from the battery.  I believe that this is a safety issue and would like to have an actual power switch.  

I ordered the 36/48v 250-350 watt brushless controller (Item # SPD-3648350BLDC) because it is the closest controller that you offer to the current controller in the trike and has a power switch connection.  Does anyone have any recommendations on a power switch that would work and how I might go about wiring the switch into the trike?

Thanks in advance.

Any type and rating of SPST switch can be used as the power switch for the SPD-3648350BLDC controller. To wire the switch to the controller one lead from the switch goes to the battery pack's positive wire, and the other lead of the switch goes to the thin purple wire at the controller's Input Power and Power Switch Wires connector.

I noticed that there is no fuse between the battery and controller, so I am going to put one in.  The wiring directions for Item # SPD-3648350BLDC indicates that the maximum current output is 18 Amps.  Would a 20 Amp fuse work, or is there better fuse option?  Also, are there any advantages between a GMA, AGC or ATO fuse on a 48 volt system?


A 20 Amp fuse will work and is a good place to start. If you find that it bows out when going uphill then it could be replaced with a 25 or 30 Amp to solve that problem. 

There are no advantages that I know of between the different fuse types that you mentioned. ATO fuses are more common though so they will be easier to find locally if needed. 

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