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Avigo extreme clicks but wont move?

I have an avigo extreme electric dirtbike, when i turn the throttle it just clicks no movement. I plugged a different motor into it and same thing, also unplugged the brake wire and same thing, my next step is to try new batteries but im leary because the charger says the batteries are fully charged (green light when plugged in), could the batteries still be bad??what is my next step..thanx

When the controller clicks like that the problem is usually with the battery. A bad battery can become fully charged, however, when a load is applied it can drop Voltage to the point that the controller will go into Low Voltage Protection (LVP) mode. The LVP of the Avigo Extreme controller should be around 10.5 Volts. 

You could check the battery Voltage with the power switch on and throttle at the full position to see if it is at or below 10.5 Volts to confirm its condition.

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