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New to Razor...

Hey! I just recently started thinking of getting a razor to get around downtown Denver, Co. There are a few grades around but not much. I weigh 236lbs and wondered if anyone can give me info on wether this might work for me and which model I should go with. If this might work for me I am looking to purchase in two weeks. I would use the razor as is with my weight to get across town. Maybe after a month of use get into modding but the first goal is just nice compact zip around town.

Suggestions, comments?



you may wanna give the ecosmart a try seeing as how most of the other razor scooters wouldnt be able to handle your heavy weight also upgrade it as soon as u can afford it to increase range and other things

We agree with Kaitlin. The Razor EcoSmart is the only Razor scooter which is designed for adults so it would be the best one to get. 

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