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Clicking problem

Hello, having a problem with my older drifter, after changing the battery pack and the speed module still getting the clicking! Did the paper clip for the brake and that didn't do anything! Help plz

It sounds like you have tried disconnecting the brake lever from the controller and also bridging the controller's brake terminals together and none of this has solved the problem. 

I checked the wiring diagrams and The Razor Ground Force Drifter version 3 and up has a momentary switch inside of its throttle. This momentary switch turns on and off a relay in the controller which makes a clicking sound. So it is possible that the momentary switch in throttle is working, however, the hall effect sensor part of the throttle is not working. 

Here is a guide showing how to test the throttles hall effect sensor and momentary switch on a version 3+ Ground Force Drifter.

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