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Super scooter

Hi there how r u guys I have a super scooter 1500 watt brushless electric scooter super lithium my controller is not working I want to replace it and the battery as well can u tell me what controller I need please I just want to make sure I get the right one thank u very much and the battery as well I'm on a budget just wondering what's the price comparison on the lithium or the standard lead acid battery, and also what charger do i need to get it running thank u so much for your input is much appreciated

We do not carry controllers specifically for the Super Turbo 1500, however, we may have one that is very close to it and could be used in place of the original controller. Super Scooter controllers have different connectors on different version scooters so it would be easiest if we could see some photos of the old controller to try to match it up with a new one. 

We do not carry any lithium batteries that would be suitable for a Super Scooter so those would need to be sourced elsewhere. We do carry lead-acid batteries that would fit the Super Scooter so we could help with that. 

The price difference between lithium and lead acid batteries is likely to be around $350 to $450 with a lead-acid battery pack starting at around $150 and a lithium battery pack starting at around $500.

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