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Throttle not receiving full Voltage

I'm currently using, 24V Schwinn S750 DD with the stock controller: XK-022c 5 PIN THROTTLE connector. While cruising I lost control of the handlebars and ran straight into a pole. It's  no harm was done to me, on the other hand my throttle wasn't to lucky as I damaged it. So it's of no use the 3 hall effect sensor wires ripped out right on the sensor part. I tried soldering it but it's to complicated. Well I came across a Razor 24V Dirt Quad V. 11+ (6 Wire Variable Speed) Throttle.. Since my control module connector is a 5 pin I opened up the Razor 6 pin throttle body. The set up is almost the same Red +5V, Black Ground, White Signal Wire, and the remaining Brown and Yellow are connected to a switch inside the throttle body and last 1 is Blue for the LED's oh n Yellow is also wired to the LED's as to the switch. So long story short I stripped the wires from the Razor throttle, Hall Effect Sensor and soldered it to the 1 that got the sensor ripped out. I tucked the sensor in the slot used hot glue to secure it from moving around. Keep in mind I'm using my old 5 pin throttle body with the new sensor and the 5 pin wires that way I don't get the wires all mixed up. I used the old LED's because the razor's LEDS are wired different. So I put everything back where it goes well I believe I did.. But there's seems to be a problem somewhere along the line because when I twist the throttle all the way it isn't getting the necessary Voltage to operate. I applied a multimeter to the throttle and it gives out only 2.2V that's all the motor doesn't even attempt to rotate. I know the motor is good because currently I have the batteries hooked up to the motor with the on/off switch. When I turn the switch on it goes 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds. It drains my batteries way to fast.!! And at a sudden stop if I attempt to turn the switch on it burns the fuse. I've went threw at the least 15 fuses since I've set it up like it is. I need a new throttle really really bad or if someone knows how to fix it I'd appreciate it so much. Thanks for hearing me out

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any advice on how to fix the throttle because we only replace throttles and we do not repair them so we have no experience with throttle repairs.

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