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removing swollen batteries from the battery compartment

We have an EVT 4000e and the batteries are swollen.  We have replacement batteries sitting here, but can't figure out how to get the swollen batteries out without breaking them.   Of the four batteries, the one that's up and forward has to come out first, and it jams against the brackets for screws on the cage.  I've attached photos, one showing the swelling at the front of that battery and the second showing how the swelling on the side prevents removing the battery around the bracket.

Do you have any hints on how to proceed?


The attached photos did not upload correctly so we could not see them and we removed them since they were not viewable. 

Brute force is the only way that we know of to remove swollen batteries. If they can not be removed with force then we recommend cutting the metal away that is holding them in place and having the metal welded back in place after the batteries are removed. 

We do not recommend breaking or cutting the batteries to get them out because they contain both lead and acid which are not things that you want to be exposed to. 

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