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Crazy Cart XL tire replacement

I recently acquired a crazy cart xl.  The OEM tire is 60 PSI.  It is already wearing down.

Is that the best tire for this thing?

Is there a solid core tire that works?

I have some extra 200x50 tires for other scooters/normal crazy carts.  They are only 36 PSI.  Can I use those in a pinch?

We have found that the longest lasting pneumatic tire for the Crazy Cart XL is the original OEM tire which is our item # RXL-TIRE available on the Razor Crazy Cart XL Parts page.

We carry a couple of different solid core 200x50 tires which are item numbers TIR-8X2FF1 and TIR-8X2FF2 available on our Tires page.

We are not sure if either of these solid core tires will fit the Crazy Cart XL. The TIR-8X2FF1 fits rims that are 1-1/2" wide on the inside mounting area and the TIR-8X2FF2 fits rims that are 1-3/4" wide on the inside mounting area so the inside mounting area of the rim would need to be measured to determine if one of them would fit. 

36 PSI tires can be used on the Crazy Cart XL so long as they are not inflated higher than 36 PSI. 

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