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how do i calculate travel distance and runtime for my ECOSMART scooter

ok so i just recently bought a RAZOR ECOSMART SCOOTER. should arrive in about a week or so. now the website for this scooter says a continuous run time of 40 mins on the stock 7Ah batteries

my question to you is this: is there a way for me to calculate how far in terms of distance i would be able to travel on a single charge on both the stock 7Ah batteries as well as your upgraded 15Ah batteries

the reason im asking this is because the last thing i wanna do is ride the scooter to my destination only to find the battery needing a charge and me not being able to charge the battery lol

cant really charge the battery at the grocery store lol

for example lets say i wanna travel to a burger king that is say 5.4 miles away from my house that would be 10-12 miles total distance traveled i.e. 5.4 miles to the burger king and 5.4 miles back to my house on a single charge

now i doubt the scooter can travel this far but in any case how do i calculate this info that im looking for lastly

can you explain to me what this means 

the battery will last for 40 minutes continuous usage.

thanks for your time

The runtime of an electric scooter varies widely depending on riding conditions such as stop and go traffic, road inclines, headwind or tailwind, etc., so it can only be estimated. Continuous usage refers to the amount of time that the scooter is in motion. For example, if the scooter was used for 40 minutes all at once that would be 40 minutes of continuous usage. Also, if the scooter was used for 20 minutes, parked for a while, and then used for another 20 minutes, that would be 40 minutes of continuous usage.

We have an online ride time calculator that can be used estimates runtime with different size battery packs. 

for the voltage of the battery pack in your ride time calculator do i put 12 or 36 volts

For the EcoSmart scooter, the battery pack Voltage to enter into the Battery Pack  Ride Time Calculator is 36 Volts. Here is an example.

This calculator provides an estimate only and we programmed it to be a little conservative so our customers would not be disappointed by their actual ride time. So you will notice that it shows 8Ah batteries are estimated for a 40-minute ride instead of 7Ah batteries like the EcoSmart scooter comes with. However, the 7Ah batteries in the EcoSmart scooter will provide a 40-minute ride time under ideal riding conditions. 

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