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mobility drive train assembly

Hi, I have a Go Go drive train assembly I want use to pull a utility cart. It is 24 vdc. I don't have the wiring harness that goes from the 4 pin connector at the motor to the dash. I was told they no longer are available. The motor itself has the red and black wires. What can I use to control the speed of the motor?


(26.8 KB)

That motor has an electromechanical brake on the back of it which is always on unless it has power going to it. You could either remove the brake from the motor or wire it to the battery pack with a switch to turn it on and off. 

The two thick wires exiting the side of the motor are the motor wires. These wires could be connected to a controller to control the speed of the motor. We have kits which include everything needed except for the motor and battery pack, and we also have kits which include the same parts plus the battery pack and charger. Here is an example of a kit which includes the controller and throttle:


If you would like a kit similar to the one listed above however with a different throttle and/or with a battery pack and charger then please let us know. 

If I remove the brake, is there a simplier kit I can use. I only need one direction, switch to control speed.

Our KIT-802 is one of the simplest kits that we make and it is unidirectional and does not have reverse. 

If you just need one speed then a switch between the battery pack and motor would work for that. I checked and we do not carry any switches that are rated for switching on and off a fully loaded motor so we do not have a switch for that type of use.

The motor and gearbox are not designed for instant full speed acceleration though so they may become damaged if a switch was used to control the speed and due to this I recommend using a variable speed controller and throttle for better compatibility with the motor and gearbox.  

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